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Proceso de Reembolso de impuestos en compras de Amazon

¿Te enteraste?
Ahora puedes solicitar el reembolso de los impuestos de tus compras realizadas en AMAZON e importadas por TAINO EXPRESS.

¿Sabes cómo hacerlo? Aquí te explicamos como, préstanos unos minutos de atención, para que comiences a disfrutar de este beneficio.

La gran mayoría de compras realizadas en AMAZON generan el 7% de Sale Tax (impuesto), el cual es cobrado al momento de finalizar tu pedido. En vista de que es una compra para ser enviada fuera de los ESTADOS UNIDOS, Amazon les da la facilidad a sus clientes de obtener el reembolso de este. A continuación, te explicamos como realizar este procedimiento:

  1. Entra a INICIO SESION.
  2. Digitar no. de CUENTA Y CONTRASEÑA para entrar a su portal.
  3. En el MENU de la izquierda seleccionar la opción PRUEBA DE EXPORTACION.
  4. Descargar el PDF de la guía seleccionada.
  5. Envía el documento o los documentos descargados por el mismo correo por el que realizaste tu compra a Amazon ( con el número de pedido (ver
    instructivo AMAZON). Si el procedimiento se realiza correctamente, AMAZON le notificara mediante un correo electrónico.

Aquí te dejamos un enlace con el tutorial de AMAZON con los detalles para realizar tu solicitud. INSTRUCTIVO DE REEMBOLSO EN PDFINSTRUCTIVO DE REEMBOLSO EN VIDEO

Si necesitas ayuda, tienes dudas o preguntas sobre este procedimiento, favor escribir a los correos, – – y estaremos respondiendo a la mayor brevedad posible.


Delays in suppliers (airlines, shipping companies, carriers, supplier of the article), delays in the customs clearance process in the General Directorate of Customs (hereinafter referred to as DGA), holidays in the USA and the Dominican Republic and weather factors could affect the delivery times, this is not our responsibility.

THE COMPANY will not pay any type of compensation due to delay in the delivery of the product or package.

Handling of dangerous goods

In compliance with the regulations for the transport of dangerous goods (Perfumes, flammable items, etc.) from the date on, we are obliged to charge an additional cost for handling such merchandise.The extra charge will be as follows: · 1 to 2 items additional cost US $ 5.00 · 3 to 5 items additional cost US $ 10.00 · From 6 onwards additional cost US $ 15.00 If you have any questions please contact us at

Holidays in the Dominican Republic 2022

  • Saturday, 1 January: New Years Day
  • Monday, January 4: Three Kings Day
  • Friday, 21 January: Altagracia Day
  • Monday, 24 January: Duarte day
  • Saturday 27 of February: Independence day
  • Friday 2 of April: Holy Friday
  • Sunday, 1 May: Labor day
  • Monday, 2 May: Labor day
  • Thursday 3 of June: Corpus Christi
  • Monday 16 of August: Restoration day
  • Saturday 24 of September: Mercedes day
  • Sunday 6 of November: Constitution day
  • Sunday 25 of December: Christmas

Holidays 2022 in the US

  • Saturday, 1 January: New Years Day
  • Monday, 17 of January, Martin Luther King Jr. day
  • Monday, 21 of February, President's day
  • Monday, 30 of May, Memorial day
  • Monday, 4 of July, Independence day
  • Monday 5 of September, Labor day
  • Monday, 10 of October, Columbus day
  • Thursday 11 of November, Veteran's day
  • Thursday, 24 of November, Thanksgiving day
  • Sunday 25 of December: Christmas
  • Saturday, 31 of December, New Years Eve

Packages in storage

By this means we inform our clients that after three months of packages, correspondence and magazines being in our warehouse, they lose the right to claim. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Important Information

Remember that it is important that all your packages arrive at our Miami office with their invoice inside the box or packaging, in this way you will be avoiding delays when receiving your merchandise. As well as prevent the General Directorate of Customs (DGA) from retaining them until we present the invoice, which may result in fines in some cases.
In order for your merchandise to arrive with its invoices, you should always remind your suppliers to include it in the package. In case the supplier cannot include it, TAINO EXPRESS offers you excellent options for this:
Our innovative PRE and POST Alerts services are available on our website, as well as from your cell phone through our APP Taino Express. With a single Click completing the requested data and attaching the invoice you can make your packages arrive without delay.


We also offer you one more option through our email, where you can send them indicating account number, Tracking number with which your supplier dispatched the package and if you have already received our notification that your merchandise has arrived at our Warehouse. Miami includes the assigned package number and in this way your shipments will arrive in Santo Domingo with your invoice.
Remember that our Customer Service Officers are available to assist you with any concerns you may have.
Thank you for your business.

USPS deliveries

When your supplier dispatches your packages with USPS (United States Postal Service) to our warehouse, it assigns you a tracking number, this will show you the movement and status of your packages. The status Delivered does not mean that we have received it, since the USPS assigns this status when the package is received in its warehouses in zone 33166, from this moment the delivery is complete in 3 to 15 business days. Sometimes the status can be Business closed , This status is assigned even in times that we are available to receive, this happens when the delivery people cannot make the delivery, after this status they update Available for Pickup , in this case, the delivery is completed in the next 15 working days. It may also happen that your supplier places the address with an error or the USPS delivers it to an incorrect address, in this case you have to wait for it to be delivered to our warehouse. The exact confirmation that your package is in our warehouse is when you receive the notification via email from

Customs will sanction late declarations

The General Directorate of Customs (DGA) today warned importers and customs agents about the collection of the surcharge for late declaration of merchandise, stipulated in article 52 of Law 3489 on the Customs Regime, and about the criminal consequences that the manipulation, ruse, simulation or false information at the time of initiating the customs clearance process. Through a public statement released this Wednesday, the DGA recalled that the declarant must deposit, among other documents, the commercial invoice and the original transport document. The government institution explains that if foreign trade users do not comply with Law 126-02 on Electronic Commerce, Documents and Digital Signatures, the computer system will reject the declarations. "We would like to remind everyone that by means of General Norm No. 01-12, which regulates the presentation of the Electronic Customs Declaration, dated March 21, it was established, based on Law No. 126-02 on Electronic Commerce, Digital Documents and Signatures, and the aforementioned law, that the declarant must deposit, among other documents, the commercial invoice and the original transport document, or else the computer system does not admit the declaration", says the institution.

Paperless Customs

In compliance with the requirements required by the new implementation of the Directorate General of Customs (DGA) under the project "CUSTOMS WITHOUT PAPERS" we remind you that all merchandise to be shipped must be accompanied by: - Commercial invoice - Permission of no objection(Example permits from Public Health, Agriculture, Digenor).- Origin certificate   The certificate of origin will only be required for those shipments whose value exceeds US $ 200.00, it will be applied for the free trade agreement and tariff clearance. In the event that your merchandise does not arrive with the corresponding documentation, it cannot be shipped. Therefore we appreciate your collaboration, to avoid customs fines and optimize processes. For more information, please contact our Customer Service department, or on the DGA website.

Important Information

Remember to leave the original invoice in the package. The importation of medium-use electrical appliances (televisions, stereos, speakers, irons, blenders, mixers, microwave ovens, toasters, vacuum cleaners, polishers, juice extractors, etc.) are not considered electrical appliances: desktop computers, notebook computers , landlines, cell phones, ipods. The Dominican Republic prohibits freight forwarders from bringing any type of firearms, their accessories, cartridges, capsules, capsule holders, sights, pellets, paintball, even if they are for sports, paint, compressed air or any other type, nor Hookas. DANGEROUS GOODS are considered those that present risk to:

  • Flight security
  • Health of people or animals
  • The operations of some equipment
  • The environment

Depending on how the information is packed, handled, loaded and supplied in accordance with established regulations (IATA) they continue to present risk, but are not necessarily dangerous. DANGEROUS GOODS for air transport are considered: Aerosols, corrosives, batteries, compressed air, oxygen tanks (including those that are empty), explosives, pointed articles, irritants, chemicals and others prohibited by law. To be able to ship a hazardous material you must have authorization from the airline. More information The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) "Dangerous material data sheet" must be sent along with the merchandise by the consignor and is necessary to be presented to the airline.

To all our clients: Important statement on the Integrated Customs Management System (SIGA)

Santo Domingo, D. N., 18 de marzo de 2011 A todos nuestros clientes reciban un cordial saludo, la presente es para informarles las nuevas medidas y actualizaciones que regirán a partir de la fecha en la Dirección General de Aduanas con la implementación del nuevo sistema integrado de Gestión Aduanera (SIGA). El SIGA tiene como requerimiento para poder presentar y declarar en la DGA las mercancías y paquetes las siguientes medidas:

  • Name, ID, passport or RNC of the person who receives the merchandise.
  • Merchandise and package clearly identified with the customer number.
  • Commercial invoice from the merchandise supplier.

Goods or packages that do not contain such information will be retained by the DGA in incomplete or pending conditions, until the data is completed. For us it is important to update your general information in our database, so we request that you send us via email or by accessing our website all the required information, and in this way we can continue to provide a service with greater speed and efficiency. Customer Service Department.

We are not responsible for delays caused by international suppliers, airlines, shipping companies, carriers, supplier of the item, or by weather eventsWe are not responsible for delays generated in the customs clearance process. These prices do not include ITBIS, DGA Tax, Fuel Charge, Airport Fee or Customs Management.

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